AR Baseball simulation – MS Hololens 2

AR Baseball simulation made with Unity Engine and MRTK for MS Hololens2.

This is a baseball simulator for professional baseball hitters and Umpires

This baseball simulation has realistic data such as player heatmaps and unique and personal to reproduce the exact behavior of a single MLB professional baseball player (a specific pitcher from a certain team for example). You can create realistic simulations in different fields and with many different parameters like: choosing among different pitchers, selecting what kind of pitches must appear , solo strike mode, random pitches, solo ball mode, choosing a specific hitter, modifying speed simulation, and many more configurations.

One special feature is the capability of umpire training by using the HoloLens speech recognition. User can set up a custom simulation and acts as an umpire by saying “Strike” or “Ball”, and the application will show out a feedback about if the decision is or not correct.

This project is on hold currently, and it is waiting for getting funds to continue with its development.
Ultimately this project is intended to be used by MLB professionals.

Technologies used:
– Unity & C#
– MS Hololens 2
– Visual Studio (UWP)

Some screenshots and state of play:

Short sample video ( low fps due to screen casting from the actual device – Hololens2. It runs smooth in Hololens. (~40 fps)

As an extra feature, we tried to implement a system that would track the user’s hand and be able to instance a virtual bat, so user could hit virtual balls during the simulation. That way user could train batting moves.
Unfortunately there is some tracking loss and MS Hololens 2 is not fast enough for this purpose.. The development was canceled. You can see a example of what I got below:

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